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Maybe some of these are useful

Mac Windows GFileTrade
-Easily transfer files
Mac Windows WinterLand
-3D Demo. Lighting added
View Examples Cook-Style Ray Tracer
-Generates 3D Images
Play Game Java Puzzle Game and Chat
-Four Challenges
Download PeopleDatabase
-Database example
Download I'm Thinking of a Number Game
-Simple Guessing Game
Download VectorFix
-Installs 2 Visual Studio DLL files



Easy Image Album Sharing.


Music Search, Stream, Playlists, and Download.


Online Wikipedia Racing Game!


Register to vote, create virtual ballots, as well as view and donate to 30,0000 candidate profiles!


AJAX Chat v1.0 ActionScript Flash Chat Page|Splitter UberTube Chrome Extension: PageSwooper Flash Animation ActionScript Animation FlashMonster Android App Chat Test
C++ and C The Everything languages
Win32 The Windows API
OpenGL with C++ 3D Graphics
wxWidgets Cross-Platform C++ Library
Assembly The Processor language
Java The Easy-Mode language
Hadoop Big Data problems
Android The Phone platform
Python The SUPER-Easy language
HTML/HTML5 The Web Structure language
CSS The Web Style language
JavaScript The Do-Stuff-On-Your-Site language
PHP The Do-Stuff-On-Your-Server language
SQL The Database language
XML The Do-It-Yourself Database language
AJAX The "Update" Technique
ActionScript 3.0 The Flash language
Sockets In: C++/Java/PHP/Python/ActionScript


Adobe Flash Professional/Builder XAMPP Microsoft Office Windows XP/Vista/7, Mac OS X, Linux/Command Line.
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