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Maybe some of these are useful

Mac Windows GFileTrade
-Easily transfer files
Mac Windows WinterLand
-3D Demo. Lighting added
View Examples Cook-Style Ray Tracer
-Generates 3D Images
Play Game Java Puzzle Game and Chat
-Four Challenges
Download PeopleDatabase
-Database example
Download I'm Thinking of a Number Game
-Simple Guessing Game
Download VectorFix
-Installs 2 Visual Studio DLL files


AJAX Chat v1.0 ActionScript Flash Chat Page|Splitter UberTube Chrome Extension: PageSwooper Flash Animation ActionScript Animation FlashMonster Android App Chat Test
C++ and C The Everything languages
Win32 The Windows API
OpenGL with C++ 3D Graphics
wxWidgets Cross-Platform C++ Library
Assembly The Processor language
Java The Easy-Mode language
Hadoop Big Data problems
Android The Phone platform
Python The SUPER-Easy language
HTML/HTML5 The Web Structure language
CSS The Web Style language
JavaScript The Do-Stuff-On-Your-Site language
PHP The Do-Stuff-On-Your-Server language
SQL The Database language
XML The Do-It-Yourself Database language
AJAX The "Update" Technique
ActionScript 3.0 The Flash language
Sockets In: C++/Java/PHP/Python/ActionScript


Adobe Flash Professional/Builder XAMPP Microsoft Office Windows XP/Vista/7, Mac OS X, Linux/Command Line.
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